For The Dizzy

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don’t you ever close your eyes

and want the world to stop turning

like it’s searching for an exit

but then

as if it has forgotten something


(wake up)

the clouds aren’t as cosy as they seem

you just fall right through them


there is no peace

only the trick of time

the tick tock

don’t stop

chase the sun

from dawn to dusk

your heart beats

on walls

on wrists

to remind you

that time is running out

we have until the lights go out

and then

you’re out

of strength

of stamina

of hope

can’t cope

you lay down and look up

watch the sun and the moon

step in and step out


the same old dance


from day into dark

night into light

it’s caught us in a trance

every time

we all go to sleep

and believe

that we’ll wake

and start again

perhaps the world spins

to make us forget

so that we don’t succumb

to stillness

so that each time

we rise

we fall

again and again

we know death and therefore we know care

so that we wake

with panic in our chest

so you may not remember this

but your stomach will

remember the falling

you’ll rise

open your eyes


the decline

between restless and rest

we live